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Zhangzhou Zhendong Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter named Jenn-dong) mainly engages in researching, developing, producing and selling the compressed air postprocess purifying equipment. With 30 years’ advanced management and manufacturing experience, Jenn-dong has obtained the certificate of "safety production standardization", "special equipmentdesign license", "special equipment manufacturing license","national high-tech enterprise", etc. Jenn-dong brings in the international advanced processing technology, adopts the high quality parts and sophisticated production equipment. From production to assemblying, and from test to delivery and installation, Jenn-dong has one-stop mode of operation,which is more reliable in quality and service.


Many industries are using compressed air purification equipment, such as the industry of manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics, textiles, food, airline,biology, etc. From the warm south to the cold north, people can freely enjoythe excellent quality generated by the Jenn-dong’s compressed air purification product.


After many years’efforts, products of Jenn-dong win lots of uses’ recognition by its excellent quality and sincere service. Products of Jenn-dong has become the favorite in the industry,and its network sales are all over the world. 



Woring Time:   Monday  to  Friday
         Morning       8:00-12:00
         Afternoon    13:00-17:00

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